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cash car hire johannesburg airport Lots of transport options are available to people visiting Johannesburg, though many prefer the freedom of access to their own vehicle to use at their leisure. This can easily be taken care of by hiring out a car. In the past, this option was not open to anyone but only to those who had a credit card. Not everyone has access to credit cards or the means to make a payment over the internet for the renting of a vehicle when visiting Johannesburg. Johannesburg Airport provides a few options for those who want to pay for their vehicle rentals with cash or debit card.

As mentioned, many people do not own a credit card. This may be because of not being able to qualify for one or for simply as a precaution stay on budget and to not be tempted to use it extravagantly. But not having one means that you would not be able to confirm a booking for a rental car. This is not the case anymore. Some branches are now providing cash car hire at Johannesburg Airport for these such people. Additionally, paying in cash allows for a customer to avoid the higher charges that come along when using a credit card.


What types of vehicles can be rented with a cash payment?

Any vehicle can be booked out with cash car hire at Johannesburg Airport. The final decision will lie with the customer. It is advisable to book in advance to secure the type of car you would need for your stay in the city. The vehicle types available at Johannesburg Airport car rental companies are as followscash car hire johannesburg airport

  • Hatchbacks – are some of the most hired models across all car rental branches at Johannesburg Airport. Their popularity lies in their small size with modern driving features. Customers wanting cash car hire at Johannesburg Airport will have access to a range of models from a number of car companies. They are the vehicle option that is the lightest on fuel and perfectly suits someone who is in the city on a limited budget.
  • Sedans – sedans and SUV’s are the bigger and more costly option but will give the customer a car with advanced driving features and amenities. It’s perfect for comfortably transporting a family around the city. Sedans are also the choice for chauffeuring services from Johannesburg Airport car rental branches.
  • Vans – vans are hired out for the amount of space it provides. It’s perfect for a family camping getaway or people who need to transport around work equipment. They have the option of coming with or without a canopy. Double cabs are also available in this range, which provide the spacious back area but with a 5 seater front allowing for more people to travel in the vehicle instead of just 2.
  • Minibuses – another vehicle for cash car hire at Johannesburg Airport are for people who will be coming to Johannesburg as part of a group. This is the minibus type. These vehicles will be able to accommodate an entire group, depending on what seater is chosen, in one vehicle. They will also be cheaper since there will not be a need to hire out 2 or 3 vehicles.


Booking a rental vehicle with cash or debit card

cash car hire johannesburg airport The booking process for cash car hire at Johannesburg Airport will be standard with the only exception being a few payment details. Depending on the car rental company chosen, the booking process will vary, but will more or less consist of the following steps.

  • Getting a list of available vehicles – to get a list of all vehicles available for cash car hire at Johannesburg Airport, customers would have to provide in this particular branch name (Johannesburg Airport) and the dates they need to hire out the car. Once this list is brought up, they may select a vehicle and proceed to the next step. Bookings for cash car hire at Johannesburg Airport can be done over the phone, through the internet or on a mobile App.
  • Selecting add-ons – these items are insurance, baby seats, navigation systems, bicycle racks or trailers. They come at an added fee and can be hired only if the renter wants to. Insurance is a good option to protect the customer from having to pay in major costs if the vehicle does get damaged while in their possession. Baby seats must be hired out if there is a child that will also be travelling in the hired vehicle. It is against the law in South Africa to not do so. Navigation systems will allow the renter to drive around Johannesburg without having to worry about losing their way.
  • cash car hire johannesburg airport Providing renter details – the next step would be for the customer to provide some personal and contact details. The personal information must correspond with the identity documents to be provided during pick-up of the vehicle. Contact details consist of telephone numbers and physical/email addresses.
  • Making payment – payment for the deposit and the vehicle can be done with a debit card, but it must have been issued from a South African bank. Banking details should preferably be on hand during the collection of the vehicle so that the rental company can refund fees once the rental period is over. Deposit fees will not be refunded if the renter does not adhere to all of the rules from the rental agency. When using a debit card for cash car hire at Johannesburg Airport, customers should ensure that there are sufficient funds available in their accounts.



Pick-up of the vehicle

  • The debit card which was used for the cash car hire at Johannesburg Airport for the booking must be produced at car hire johannesburg airport
  • Renters must also hand in their Driver’s License to confirm their driving eligibility and Passport/Identity Document to confirm that it was them that made the booking.
  • Once admin is finalized, renters must always inspect the car themselves and point out any abnormalities before driving off, or they will be held responsible for it upon return of the car.

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