Cheap Car Hire Johannesburg Airport

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The Cheapest Vehicle Option at Johannesburg Airport

For cheap car hire at Johannesburg Airport or any other airport for that matter, always look for entry level cars. These are mostly hatchback cars which are also very light on fuel. Prospective Cheap Car Hire Johannesburg Airportrenters who want cheap car hire at Johannesburg Airport will save 2 ways when hiring out these types of cars. Firstly they are the cheapest priced cars to purchase and therefore their hiring rate is lower than other rental vehicles. Secondly because they use less fuel than other vehicles, petrol price is also kept to a minimum. These cars may be entry level but because most car rental agencies like to keep their car mileage low, they de-fleet quite regularly ensuring only the later model cars are a part of their fleet. These cars pack a punch and have many modern features to ensure a comfortable and smooth ride. It is not uncommon to find cars that come with ABS braking, air-conditioning, electric windows, CD players etc. These cars can also carry 4 people quite comfortably with enough of space for their luggage as well. Hatchbacks are an ideal cheap car hire at Johannesburg Airport to scoot around the city in. If you are planning a budget holiday to Johannesburg then this is definitely the car type to go for.

Cheap Car Hire Johannesburg AirportMinibuses may not be a cheap car hire at Johannesburg Airport option but it is a route to consider if you will be travelling as part of a group of people. It may be cheaper to hire out one vehicle than multiple cars. Also this way the group gets to travel together and have even more of a unifying trip in Johannesburg


How can local companies help you get cheap car hire at Johannesburg Airport?

Some local companies do not de-fleet as regularly as their global counterparts. Therefore the rates for their cars can remain cheaper for a little bit longer.

Select Car Hire at Johannesburg Airport allow for rentals of their vehicles to be paid for in cash. This way customers avoid the interest rates incurred on credit cards when booking cheap car hire at Johannesburg Airport with them.


How to get cheap car hire at Johannesburg Airport’s International Companies?

All of the internationally based car rental agencies at Johannesburg Airport have loyalty clubs and partnership programmes that their customers can take advantage of to get cheap car hire at Johannesburg Airport. Customers will have to first become members of their loyalty clubs to be in line for such benefits as free upgrades, free rentals, priority service, VIP treatment and a faster booking process. Customers who are members of a car rental agencies partnership company can also reap rewards to get cheap car hire at Johannesburg Airport. Members of partnership companies get reduced rates by producing their membership number or can earn points towards flights or free hotel rooms just by hiring out a car from a specific company.

Cheap Car Hire Johannesburg Airport

Tips for getting cheap car hire at Johannesburg Airport

Skip the extra hire items- if you are visiting Johannesburg and are not fully familiar with the city and directions then you would definitely need a navigation system to make your journey easier. These items are expensive to hire out though and are usually charged at a daily rate. It can really add up, not allowing for a very cheap car hire at Johannesburg Airport. Rather take your own personal device when visiting Johannesburg or borrow one from a friend or family member. Better yet, if you have a smartphone, then install a GPS app onto it so that you can use that as a travel guide to direct you around. Baby seats are mandatory when traveling with a baby or a toddler. These items can also add up if you hire them out at car rental agencies. Parents should invest in a baby seat/pram combo. Referred to as a baby travel system, these items offer the benefits of both a pram and a car seat. They can be adjusted to meet both needs. With just this one item parents can safely transport their kids while on holiday in Johannesburg and also push them around in a pram during day outings. The baby travel system also allow for babies and toddlers to not have to be moved from a baby seat to a separate pram where they would be disturbed from their comfortable spot.

Get the insurance- it may make the cheap car hire at Johannesburg Airport a bit more expensive but in the long run this is totally worth it. If an accident does occur and damage is caused to the hired vehicle then at least you would have some sort of financial protection.

Inspect the car- before taking the car off the car rental premises, it is a good idea to fully inspect the car for any sort of damage. If damage is not logged before a trip then you will be held responsible if it is spotted upon return. To ensure protection for yourself it is even better to take photographs or even a video of the car beforehand.

Fill up the tank- if the hired vehicle was given to you with a full tank of petrol then return it with a full tank. If you do not then the car rental agency will fill it and probably charge you much more than you would have paid had you refuelled yourself.Cheap Car Hire Johannesburg Airport

Book in advance- booking in advance ensures that you get the best rates for truly cheap car hire at Johannesburg Airport. You would also get the cheapest cars in a fleet this way. If you just pitch up and expect a cheap car then there may not be one available and you will be stuck with a more expensive option

Use aggregator sites- in addition to booking in advance, using these sites allow you to compare vehicles and pricing for the lowest cheap car hire at Johannesburg Airport. These sites allow for you to compare all 10 car hire OR Tambo agencies without you having to visit each one individually. Once you find a deal that you like from the car hire OR Tambo agency then you can go to that specific car rental website and finalize your car rental booking.

Don’t book peak times- if you can help it, never book during peak periods because you will not get cheap car hire at Johannesburg Airport during this time. A whole lot more people will be traveling during holidays and weekends so the demand for hired cars spike and so do the prices.

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