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If you are seeing a blank page, please wait a few seconds till our booking engine loads…cheapest car hire johannesburg airport Johannesburg is one of the most expensive cities in South Africa when it comes to the cost of living. Naturally, travellers to the city are always on the lookout for ways to reduce their travel bills. One such way is to be smart when it comes to getting around in the city. The cheapest transport method is public but this is not an option for business travellers or tourists who are on time constraints and do not have the time to wait and only be taken around according to an already set schedule. There is also the wait factor from taxis along with the higher fee rate, so that’s not really a solution as well. Renting out a car is the next best option. Since most travellers to Johannesburg do so via the Johannesburg Airport, this is the point that most car rentals are booked at. Here’s how to get the cheapest car hire at Johannesburg Airport.


The cheapest car to hire at Johannesburg Airport

When looking for the cheapest car hire at Johannesburg Airport, look first to a car rental company’s basic range of vehicles. These are almost always the hatchback models. Hatchbacks are cheap because of their small size in comparison with sedans. Because of this they also need less refuelling. Prospective customers needing the cheapest car hire at Johannesburg Airport would not have to deny themselves comfort, safety or car features when hiring out these vehicles. Majority of the rental agencies at Johannesburg Airport defleet yearly so that their customers have access to the latest models of hatchbacks. For even cheaper rental prices, customers can choose to with a smaller local company who do keep on their cars for longer periods, thus allowing for their rates to be cheaper. Hatchback vehicles are small enough for drivers to scoot around Johannesburg easily and yet also able to fit in a small family and their luggage.cheapest car hire johannesburg airport

Another option for the cheapest car hire at Johannesburg Airport will be minibus type vehicles. The branches at Johannesburg Airport all have different models which are capable of carrying anywhere between 7 to 15 people. It is one of the more expensive vehicles to hire out but considering that an entire group will be able to travel in one vehicle brings the cost down dramatically, since there won’t be a need to hire out more than one vehicle.


Tips to getting the cheapest car hire at Johannesburg Airport

In addition to choosing vehicles from the entry range for the cheapest car hire at Johannesburg Airport, one should always be on the lookout for when these vehicle rates will be cheaper than usual. These promotions only run for certain periods so when looking to book a cheap vehicle, always check to see if there are any promotions happening for the time that you would require a vehicle in Johannesburg.

Try to not book cars during what is considered peak periods. These are holiday times and weekends. Rental rates will be much higher, since the demand for them will be much higher at these times. cheapest car hire johannesburg airport

If you absolutely need to travel during peak times and need the cheapest car hire at Johannesburg Airport, then try to book your rental vehicle as early as possible. Though this may not bring down the rates of the cheaper entry level vehicles, there will be a higher chance that you will be able to secure one of these cars. Leaving it for last minute will be a gamble since there might not be any of the cheaper models left to rent out and you would have no choice but to go with a more expensive model.

There are 10 car rental branches at Johannesburg Airport though you would not need to visit each one to get the rates on their vehicles. Go to aggregator sites which will allow you to get a list of the cheapest car hire at Johannesburg Airport. Once this list pops up, you would be able to choose the cheapest option and book directly via that car rental agencies website.

Be loyal to one car rental agency. This way you are able to rack up points or rewards much faster through their loyalty/rewards programme. These point are only accumulated whenever customers book out car, so the more bookings, the higher and the level of rewards. Rewards can be in the forms of upgrades or free car hire. Members are also treated extra special and get priority service during their pick-ups and drop-offs. cheapest car hire johannesburg airport

Look into all of your current memberships such as from medical aids or insurance companies to see if they have any partnership programme with car rental agencies. If yes, then by producing these membership numbers at booking will give you access to a discount. These discounts can go as high up as 50 percent so it means a lot of added savings.

Always take the insurance when booking your final choice for the cheapest car hire at Johannesburg Airport. It may mean an added fee but offers a level of financial protection that will save a lot of money in the unwanted case of an accident.

Do your own physical inspection of the car before taking it off the lot and point out any damage, however minor. If rental staff find any damage when the vehicle is returned, you would be required to pay a penalty fee. Protect yourself even further by taking pictures beforehand.

Fill up the tank yourself or the rental agency will do it and charge it to your credit card, and their fee will be much higher than if you took the few minutes to visit a fuel station.

Another method to ensure you keep to getting the cheapest car hire at Johannesburg Airport would be to return the vehicle on time so you would not have to pay a late fee.

cheapest car hire johannesburg airport Take along your own baby seats and navigation systems to stay on track to getting the cheapest car hire at Johannesburg Airport. These are charged at added rates from car rental agencies. You would not even need to buy a navigational unit, just download a GPS app on your smartphone and you would have mobile directions to guide you anywhere in Johannesburg. As for baby seats, invest in a baby travel system which is an interchangeable pram/baby seat. They are allowed on planes as check-in items. This one piece of equipment will allow parents to push their baby around during outings and also safely travel in a vehicle. A child safety seat is a must if there will be a baby or toddler travelling in the hired vehicle.


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