Commonwealth Games 2022

commonwealth games 2022 The year 2022 will see South Africa hosting the Commonwealth Games. It is special in the regard that this will also be the first time that the games are held in an African city. The Commonwealth Games is a sporting event that takes place every 4 years between countries that belong to the Commonwealth of Nations. The games began in 1930 as a means of keeping up ties between countries who have a link to the British Empire. The spirit of the Commonwealth Games is held in humanity, destiny and equality and it is these values that have also earned it the privilege of being called the Friendly Games.


The Commonwealth Games South Africa

The host city for the Commonwealth Games South Africa will be Durban. Durban is located in the eastern part of the country and is famed for its year round warm weather and hospitality. As the commonwealth games 2022 unofficial sporting capital of Africa, Durban has seen its share of successful sporting events but the Commonwealth Games Durban will see the first time that the city will host such a diverse and huge event. All venues for the sporting events are finalized and are undergoing refurbishments. The city is more than confident that they will be ready for the games come 2022. The Commonwealth Games South Africa are expected to showcase Durban to the billion people who will be watching the Commonwealth Games 2022 and increase tourism to the city. The Commonwealth Games South Africa will start on the 18th of July and sports will play out over the next 2 weeks and end with a closing ceremony. As is traditional at the games, the head of the Commonwealth of Nations officially opens the games with a message. This message is passed on in a relay baton and carried from Buckingham Palace to the opening ceremony by several athletes over several countries, where it will be read by either the head of the Commonwealth or a representative.


The Sporting Schedule at the Commonwealth Games 2022

The sporting schedule at the Commonwealth Games are very important as only around 20 sports makes the list at every edition of the games. This is a mix of sports that are a set component and the rest which are chosen from an approved list by the host country. The following sports will be played at the Commonwealth Games 2022

  • Lawn bowlscommonwealth games 2022
  • Field hockey
  • Athletics
  • Netball
  • Squash
  • Weightlifting
  • Boxing
  • Badminton
  • Rugby sevens
  • Swimmingcommonwealth games 2022
  • Beach volleyball
  • Wrestling
  • Triathlon
  • Table tennis
  • Cycling
  • Judo
  • Shooting
  • Wheelchair basketball

Para-Swimming, Para Athletics, Pa Lawn bowls, Para Lifting will also be a part of the schedule for the Commonwealth Games 2022. Netball will only be played by women and will be the only sport open to just one gender. Beach volleyball is not yet an official part of the Commonwealth Games sporting list but approval was given by the Commonwealth Games Federation for it to be played at the Commonwealth Games 2022. Triathlon will consist of a swim, cycle event and sprint as the 3 sports to make up the event.

commonwealth games 2022

Flights to the Commonwealth Games Durban

South Africa is easily accessible by flights from all around the world. In fact, Johannesburg Airport is one of very few in the world with direct flights to and from all continents. Durban lands international flights as well but chances are more than likely that many foreigners will need a connecting flight to get into the city. Since Johannesburg Airport lands more than half of the country’s commonwealth games 2022 international flights, this may well be the connecting airport. It is just under an hour to fly from Johannesburg Airport to the King Shaka International Airport in Durban. This short length of time is why many locals prefer to make use of the budget airlines in the country which would also be a wise choice for travellers to the Commonwealth Games Durban. Flight prices are much cheaper and come with the same amount of baggage weight, but the airlines like Mango and Kulula do not provide and on-board meal and the seating is a uniform economy class. The flight between Johannesburg and Durban being so short, this does not much matter, though there is an on board cafe where passengers can purchase snack and beverage items. These local flights can be booked online. Make use of the search engines found on airport websites to find all available flights between the cities for the days that you would be in South Africa for the Commonwealth Games 2022. The internet may even be used to purchase and confirm a flight to Durban for the Commonwealth Games 2022.


Car Hire at the Commonwealth Games Durban

Getting to Durban is one thing, but now the question remains of what would be the best way to move around in the city from hotels or the sporting village to the many sporting venues. The most effective choice would be to rent out your own vehicle.

  • The cheapest option would be a hatchback and would be best for someone travelling on a budget as they are the cheapest cars to hire out at any of the car hire companies in Durban.
  • For someone who would require a bit more room and comfort then sedans are the way to go. They can be a simple choice or something a bit more exclusive.
  • Vans are ideal for those travelling with a lot of equipment and need the back space for storage during travel.
  • People carriers are best used to transport a group of people around.

commonwealth games 2022 Rental companies also offer customers navigation systems to help steer their way around Durban and child safety seats to securely transport babies and children. It is important to note that driving takes place on the left hand side of the road in South Africa and for those who would not be able to do so, then rental agencies also offer chauffeur services. This service can be hired out for half or a full day and be driven wherever you would want around Durban. The other chauffeur option would be to just be taken from place to place. One might wonder, why then can I not just use a taxi during the Commonwealth Games Durban. Well, with this option, payment is handled in advance so there will not be a need to take care of this upon steping off the plane. Likewise, a reliable vehicle will timelessly pick and drop you off without having to wait for a taxi to arrive.

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