Facilities at O.R Tambo International Airport (Johannesburg Airport)

Johannesburg airport

As the biggest airport in the country, O.R Tambo International Airport is more than simply a set of terminal buildings servicing flights across the globe. The airport also offers a range of world-class facilities to make your travel that much easier to navigate. No matter where you may be travelling to or what specific services you may require before or after your flight, the airport is a hub of activities perfectly curated to cater to all passengers’ needs.


There are 3 hotels located at O.R Tambo International Airport, each offering convenient short stay and long stay options with varying price ranges for travellers from around the world.

Hotel Rating Price Range
InterContinental Hotel 5 Star From R4 372
Southern Sun Hotel 4 Star From R1 192
City Lodge Hotel 3 Star From R927

InterContinental Hotal at O.R Tambo International Airport

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There are also many hotels conveniently located near the airport. It is important to ensure that you make your booking ahead of time and take note of any Covid related changes or requirements for your stay. Shuttle services to and from some hotels at the airport have also been suspended due to Covid. For more information about airport accommodation, contact your selected hotel directly.

Currency Exchange and Banking Facilities

Banking facilities at O.R Tambo International Airport range from ATM’s to branches located across the terminal buildings for your convenience. The airport houses major South African banks as well as specialist services to assist you with travel tax and currency exchange.

Bank Location Type
First National Bank Terminal B – Retail Area Branch
Food Court ATM
Retail Level ATM
Terminal A – Departures ATM
Nedbank Terminal B – Retail Area Branch
Food Court ATM
Retail Level ATM
Terminal A – Departures ATM
Standard Bank Terminal B – Retails Area Branch
Food Court ATM
Retail Level ATM
Terminal A – Departures ATM
Next to Khulula/BA/Comair ticket sales ATM
ABSA Terminal A – Arrivals Area Branch
Food Court ATM
Retail Level ATM
Terminal A – Departures ATM
Terminal A – Arrivals ATM
African Bank Terminal A – Arrivals Branch


O.R Tambo International Airport also offers foreign exchange facilities through Bidvest Bank, Master Currency and Travelex which can be located in Terminal A arrivals area.

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Shopping and Dining at Johannesburg Airport

There are a ton of shopping and dining options at the Johannesburg airport. From fast-food eateries to duty-free shopping at the duty-free mall located in Terminal A. With 32 restaurants and cafes located across the airport as well as over 50 clothing, accessories and speciality stores, passengers are spoilt for choice when it comes to spending time and money on luxury brands and unique souvenirs for those international travellers looking to take a piece of South Africa home with them.

johannesburg airport

Discover your favourite stores and restaurants here.

Medical Facilities

O.R Tambo International Airport houses a medical clinic that offers emergency treatment and medical services 24 hours a day. The facility offers treatments for quick care and casualties, travel vaccinations, malaria prophylaxis, Botox treatments, acupuncture, dentistry, a gynaecologist, psychotherapy, counselling, ECG’s and even hearing, pregnancy and cholesterol tests. Medical services at O.R Tambo International Airport are available at The Travel Clinic located in Terminal B Arrivals. While the clinic is open 24 hours a day, you may be required to make a booking for your medical treatment ahead of time and can do so by contacting The Travel Clinic directly.

Tel: +27 (0)11 921 6609
Hotline: +27 (0)82 262 1490
Website: www.travelclinic.co.za

There are also dedicated quarantine facilities at O.R Tambo International Airport for passengers who may be exhibiting signs of, or those who have tested positive for Covid-19. You will, however, be required to pay for the cost of being quarantined at the airport. In addition to this, if you are displaying symptoms, you may be required to do a Covid-19 test at the airport at your own cost. For more information on Covid-19 Regulations at O.R Tambo International Airport click here.

Flights and Flight Check Facilities at O.R Tambo International Airport

Flight check facilities at O.R Tambo International Airport make self-service check-in seamless and easy to do. The FlightCheck kiosks make checking in secure and faster than traditional check-in and can be done as soon as you arrive at the airport without having to stand in long queues. In addition to this, you can make use of these kiosks to check in for other passengers travelling with you on the same flights. The flight check facilities at Johannesburg Airport are designed with passengers in mind. Each kiosk provides step by step guided assistance to help you from entering your details to selecting your seats, and retrieving your boarding pass.

johannesburg airport

It is worth noting that some airlines do not allow for self-service check-in and you will still be required to get your boarding pass at the designated check-in counter. This will also apply in the instance that you need to check in your luggage.

Whether you are opting to take advantage of the self-service check-in facilities at Johannesburg Airport or headed straight to the check-in counter, there are still some important things to remember:

  • Domestic travellers must arrive at the airport 90 minutes before departure. International travellers are required to be at the airport four hours before travel to ensure enough time for check-in, screening, and operational procedures.
  • You must ensure that you have an identity document or passport in order to board a flight

Online check-in opens 24 hours before departure.

Other Facilities

O.R Tambo International Airport also offers a Christian chapel facility located in Terminal B, as well as a Muslim prayer facility located in Terminal A. Due to Covid regulations, certain restrictions have been put in place with regards to the use of these facilities. For more information on making use of the chapel and prayer facilities, you can contact 071 164 0927 or 083 544 3419 respectively.

Business on the Go at O.R Tambo International Airport

Beyond travel, there are business facilities at O.R Tambo International Airport that make doing business on the go so much more convenient for travellers and frequent flyers. From day-to-day Zoom calls to fully-fledged seminars. No matter what your reason for conducting business while at or passing through the airport, there is a space and facility curated for your convenience.

Meetings and Conferencing

The Premier Conference Centre located in the domestic terminal opens up business facilities at Johannesburg Airport in the form of dedicated spaces for meetings, conferences and seminars. With rooms and spaces large enough to host up to 120 people, making use of these particular business facilities at O.R Tambo International Airport means a centralized and convenient place for anybody travelling to take part.

Internet and WiFi Facilities

In addition to making the airport business-friendly, anyone is able to stay connected by making use of the in-airport internet and WiFi. Airport Online offers connected internet access with dedicated branches in the international departures terminal as well as two branches in the domestic terminal. Wireless internet and WiFi are also available in the international departures terminal.



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