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or tambo flights The OR Tambo Airport is an international aviation facility based in Johannesburg, South Africa equipped to handle commercial and private aircraft as well as air cargo transport. The airport is the largest in Africa as well as being the busiest. Over 50 percent of all air travel in South Africa is processed by the OR Tambo Airport.


Booking Flights to the OR Tambo Airport

Booking flights to OR Tambo, or from the airport can be done with many airlines many different ways. Some of the airlines with a major presence offering OR Tambo flights are Kulula, South African Airlines, Mango, Emirates and British Airways. Their flight schedule at OR Tambo is put out months in advance, allowing for flights to OR Tambo to be booked from this early on. Flights to OR Tambo, or from the airport can be booked by
Visiting a sales office or travel agent – airlines ticket sales office can predominantly be found at airports in which they operate out of. OR Tambo flights can be booked by visiting them directly. Guests are also welcome to book a ticket from a travel agent for flights to OR Tambo Airport. Many local airlines also have the option of purchasing their OR Tambo flights from supermarket chains like Pick n Pay or Shoprite.or tambo flights
Telephonically – OR Tambo flights can also be purchased by calling through to an airlines call centre. To keep the call as short as possible it is recommended to have all relevant information ready, such as flight dates and payment details.
Online – the online booking facility is available across all major airlines and is often turned to for booking flights to the OR Tambo Airport, for its ease of use and speedier process. The finding of OR Tambo flights and booking will be handled fully by the customer. Airlines have streamlined this process to be very simple and fast. Not only that, but it is super convenient too, being able to be done anywhere, anytime as long as there is an internet connection available. OR Tambo flights can be found and booked within minutes using the online option and it means no travelling to any physical location nor waiting on the telephone. Customers will also be able to change details to their OR Tambo flights at their will. Booking OR Tambo  flights online will consist of finding a flight using a flight search engine, confirming the flight, adding any extra items such as luggage, providing basic personal and contact details and making payment for the flight. Once the process is completed, the customer will receive their unique booking number which will be used during check-in.

or tambo flights

Checking into Flights from OR Tambo Airport

Passengers can check into their flights from OR Tambo at the airports check-in counters. Depending on the airline, passengers may also have the choice of doing a self-check-in or online check-in.
• Counter check-in – the counter check-in for flights from OR Tambo is available from all airlines operating at the airport. There is a limited window of opportunity for check-in at the counters as it only opens for a couple of hours before a flight and strictly closes a little while before the flight takes off. There are slightly longer opening times for international flights to domestic ones. At the counters, the staff will fully handle all of the check-in procedures from inputting in the passengers choice of seat to sending all check-in luggage to the baggage zone. Although there are alternative options to the counter check-in, many passengers still prefer to have staff handle the process for them. For this reason, the queues can be quite long so passengers will have to be at the airport well ahead of their flights to get a good spot in line.or tambo flights
• Self-check-in – the self-check-in opens up a few hours earlier. Only some of the airlines at OR Tambo offer this service. The process is done at touch screen machines at the airport. Passengers will enter in their booking number onto the screen, select their seats, check-in any luggage to be sent to the cargo hold of the plane and print their boarding passes. If passengers have elected to bring along any check-in luggage then they will have to drop it off at the bag drop zone. Bag drop zones usually close about half an hour before the flight leaves.
• Online check-in – online check-in is only available from a few of the airlines but usually they open up a full day before flights from OR Tambo departs. The check-in process can be done by the passenger from home and the earlier they deal with it, the better the chances of securing their preferred seating. Passengers will also be responsible for printing out their boarding passes at home. If there is any luggage to be checked in, then it will have to be dropped at the bag zone at least half an hour before the flight departs. Late baggage will not be accepted as the cargo hold will have to be loaded and late luggage will mean holding back the flight.


The Flight Schedule at OR Tambo

The flight schedule at OR Tambo for all upcoming arriving and departing flights can be viewed on the airports website. This is updated to show the times of arriving flights as well as to inform if there is a delay in any arriving flights. The flight schedule at OR Tambo can also be viewed at the airport on screens in the terminals. The OR Tambo flight schedule is an excellent resource for those who would be picking up passengers from the airport. By consulting with the OR Tambo flight schedule, they will know exactly when to be at the arrivals terminal to welcome passengers right after they land. The OR Tambo flight schedule is also a good tool for drivers who would like to wait in the free pick-up area of the airport, to just pick up a passenger and leave. The timing is crucial here because there is a time limit for a car to be able to wait in this area.or tambo flights