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If you are seeing a blank page, please wait a few seconds till our booking engine loads…Tempest Car Hire OR TamboTempest Car Hire is 1 of the 10 car rental companies operating out of OR Tambo Airport. Tempest Car Hire does have many branches around South Africa but the Tempest Car Hire OR Tambo branch is one of the busiest, seeing as the airport sees millions of passengers per year. Customers remain loyal to Tempest Car Hire because of their ridiculously low car rental prices but more than that, the essence of Tempest lies in the personal touch given by their staff to customers.


About OR Tambo Airport

OR Tambo Airport is the busiest in South Africa. This is for 2 reasons. Johannesburg is the business centre of South Africa so every day thousands of people make their way to and from the city, on Tempest Car Hire OR Tambobusiness. Secondly, most of the international flights into South Africa happen at the OR Tambo Airport. The airport has undergone many name changes in its time and many still refer to it as Johannesburg Airport, most especially this applies to international visitors to South Africa. The years leading up to 2015 saw Johannesburg Airport get refurbished. This project saw the expansion of runways and terminal buildings and upgrading of most of the airport. OR Tambo Airport now has over 100 stores for guests or passengers to pass their time at while waiting at the airport. Stores are open until 10 at night. There is also plenty of dining options for guests. Passengers requiring some calm away from the fast pace of the hotel can make use of one of the many business class lounges found at the airport. OR Tambo Airport is also equipped with a full travel clinic with a GP, Dentist and physiotherapist on site. Besides renting out a car from the Tempest Car Hire OR Tambo Airport branch, passengers can also take the Gautrain or bus into central Gauteng or a taxi directly to their destination.


How to Book Vehicles from Tempest Car Hire OR Tambo Airport?

There are 3 options for customers when it comes to booking vehicles from Tempest Car Hire OR Tambo Airport. Customers can go directly to the branch at the airport and do their car rental booking with the consultant. This is not the option taken by many as they like to arrange their car rental needs in advance to ensure they get to secure the vehicle they want before landing at OR Tambo Airport. The next option would be to telephonically book a Tempest vehicle by calling through to the Tempest central reservations department. Here again customers would be helped by a Tempest consultant. The most used option though, remains booking a vehicle online. The booking engine found on the Tempest website means that customers can do their booking whenever they want and get an immediate confirmation. The 3 step process isTempest Car Hire OR Tambo

  1. Select a date- the first step would be to make use of the calendar provided on the booking engine to choose the dates that the vehicle will be required. Additional information required here are time of pick-up and the branch (in this case the Tempest Car Hire OR Tambo Airport branch)
  2. Select a vehicle- the second step would be to choose a vehicle. All the vehicles that are available during the dates that were entered will then be listed. To ensure the availability of a preferred vehicle it would be best to book in advance.
  3. Renter details- if a vehicle is selected and the customer would like to reserve it then personal/contact/payment details are required to confirm the booking.


What Vehicles can be Booked from Tempest Car Hire OR Tambo Airport?

The entry level hatchbacks and the focus of many of the lowest rental rates from Tempest are the basic vehicle choice offered by Tempest Car Hire OR Tambo Airport. Besides the low daily rates, hatchbacks are a favoured choice because of their low fuel usage. Tempest Car Hire OR Tambo

The more luxurious choice is the sedan which offers more space and vehicle features. It is the car chosen when comfort is a factor as well as longer driving distances.

The Tempest van range is chosen when there is need for storage space or off road travelling.

Tempest also has people carrier vehicles with models that can cater for various amounts of people. These minibus type vehicles are great for a group of people to Johannesburg to travel around in. It also means there will also need to be only 1 driver instead of many if the smaller car options are booked.


Additional Services and Products from Tempest Car Hire at OR Tambo Airport

  • Long term car rentals at Tempest Car Hire OR Tambo Airport can be done through the Maxi Rent service. If a customer will be renting out a Tempest vehicle for over 30 days then a package will be tailored for them according to the special rates offered by this service.
  • Transfer services are also offered at Tempest Car Hire OR Tambo. Transfers are done by transporting customers from Johannesburg Airport to their destination which in most cases is to a hotel. Transfers can be done in a sedan or a minibus vehicle depending on the number of passengers. The transfer service is charged per vehicle and not per person.
  • Tempest Car Hire OR Tambo Airport also rents out the TOM TOM GPS units to customers. They are hired out at an additional rate and is the perfect accompaniment to a Tempest vehicle. They allow for the renter to be directed to their exact location with voice commands from the system. A lot of time and money can be saved when using the GPS units from Tempest Car Hire OR Tambo Airport.
  • Tempest Car Hire OR Tambo Airport also rents out baby seats. The correct size will need to be rented out according to whether there will be an infant or toddler travelling in the Tempest vehicle. As of early 2015, baby seats have become the only legal way to transport a child in a vehicle on South African roads. They can no longer be carried in an adults arms, therefore it is essential to reserve one.Tempest Car Hire OR Tambo

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