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If you are seeing a blank page, please wait a few seconds till our booking engine loads…Tempest Car Hire PretoriaPretoria is home to one of the nationwide branches of Tempest Car Hire. A local car rental company, Tempest has built a huge customer base in the country, due in part to their incredibly low rental rates and extremely friendly customer service. The Tempest Car Hire Pretoria branch is located at1250 Pretorius Street, Hatfield and is open

  • Weekdays- 06h00 – 20h00
  • Weekends- 07h00 – 17h00

The city of Pretoria can be found in the northern part of Gauteng and is the Administrative Capital of South Africa. Pretoria is also popularly referred to as Jacaranda City, for the thousands of Jacaranda trees found here.


Booking a Vehicle with Tempest Car Hire Pretoria

To be eligible to book a vehicle from Tempest Car Hire Pretoria, the customer must be in possession of a valid Driver’s License and have been a licensed driver for a minimum of 2 years. In addition, only the main driver of the vehicle may be allowed to be the renter of the Tempest vehicle. An additional driver may be allowed but this does come with an added fee. The following are the methods to go about booking a vehicle from Tempest Car Hire PretoriaTempest Car Hire Pretoria

  • Book at the Pretoria branch. Not really an option for most renters who do not live in Pretoria and would essentially need a vehicle because they are visiting the city. But if you are a frequent visitor to Pretoria and would like to take care of your hired vehicle needs ahead of time and are already in the city then it is an option to consider. The friendly staff at the Tempest Car Hire Pretoria branch are on hand to help book the vehicle for you.
  • Book telephonically. The second option is to call the central reservations line and have a call centre consultant handle the Tempest Car Hire Pretoria booking on your behalf. It is best to have all relevant information before calling in so that the call can be kept short.
  • Book online. The easiest option is to book through the internet. It is available all day long and bookings can be confirmed by the customer themselves, in mere minutes.

The Tempest Car Hire booking process is a 3 step process

  • Tempest Car Hire PretoriaCustomers would choose their rental dates, time and branch.
  • Customers would receive a list of available vehicles as per the results of the information entered in step 1. They would choose their ideal Tempest vehicle depending on their specifications. At this point, any added items can also be added to the rental.
  • Customers would then enter in some personal identity information, contact details and finalize the payment. Credit cards are accepted for payment of Tempest vehicles. South African issued debit cards can also be used for payment from Standard Bank, FNB, Capitec, Nedbank and ABSA.

During pick-up of the vehicle customers would have to produce an Identity Document or Passport to confirm the personal details given during the booking. Also needed will be the Drivers Licence or an International Driving Permit to confirm that the renter has been a legal driver for the minimum 2 year period.

The drop off time is very important be stick to when returning a Tempest vehicle. Vehicles may be already booked to another customer and Tempest Car Hire Pretoria staff would need time to clean and service the vehicle before renting it out to them. Therefore, late drop-offs of Tempest vehicles will be met with a penalty fine.


Vehicles for Hire at the Tempest Pretoria Branch

The vehicles for hire at Tempest Car Hire Pretoria meet all travelling needs when visiting the city. Part of a countrywide fleet of 3000 vehicles, there is something for everyone, whether for Tempest Car Hire Pretoriabusiness or for leisure. Cars range from budget based requirements from the hatchback range that Tempest Car Hire Pretoria offers to customers to top of the line luxury sedan cars. For those travelling in a larger group, there is the option of hiring out one of the minibus vehicles to be able to fit the entire group in one vehicle. Also on offer are vans which are great for off road travelling or for camping because of the huge storage space at the back. All vehicle types comes with a selection of vehicle model choices and some of the cheapest rates in the industry. Customers can expect some of the latest models of vehicles when hiring from Tempest Car Hire Pretoria


Additional Items for Rental at Tempest Car Hire Pretoria

Navigation systems- hiring out the Tempest TOM TOM GPS units really is a must if you are unfamiliar with Pretoria. Once a destination is entered, voice prompts will direct you right to the Tempest Car Hire Pretoriadestination. Tempest customers will save a lot of time by not driving around in circles trying to find places and save lots of money in fuel costs in the process.

Baby seats- hiring out the Tempest baby seats are essential. Babies and toddlers need to be transported in these as it will offer the maximum level of security in case the vehicle gets into an accident. In any case it has become part of road laws in South Africa, so not having a child seated in one goes against the law. Tempest Car Hire Pretoria has baby and booster seats available for hire.


Services from Tempest Car Hire

Tempest Car Hire provides airport transfer services from both the Pretoria and Johannesburg Airport in Gauteng. This service allows Tempest customers to book to have Tempest Car Hire pick or Tempest Car Hire Pretoriadrop them off at Pretoria or Johannesburg Airport. The transfer service to Johannesburg Airport is charged per vehicle and not per passenger and can be done in either a sedan or minibus vehicle.

Another service provided by Tempest is the Maxi Rent facility. It is offered to customers who hire out cars on a long term basis. Customers who go this route and hire out a vehicle from Tempest Car Hire Pretoria for more than 30 days will get a reduced daily rate. The service is individually tailored as per the vehicle type and rental term of the customer.


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