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If you are seeing a blank page, please wait a few seconds till our booking engine loads…Tempest Car Hire RandburgTempest Car Hire is a local South African company with car rental branches across the country. They cater their car rental vehicles and services to meet the distinct needs of the South African travel landscape. One of their popular branches is in Randburg, at 22 Harley Street. Open Weekdays 8 – 5 and Saturdays 8- 12, customers can expect the same level of personalized service and quality product offerings that Tempest has become synonymous with. Randburg is situated in North West Johannesburg and consists of numerous suburban residential areas.


How to Book a Vehicle from Tempest Car Hire Randburg

The booking process at Tempest Car Hire Randburg is pretty simple and whether booking online, telephonically or at the branch it remains just a 3 step undertaking.

  • The first step would be to enter in the dates in which a car needs to be hired out. Also required in this step is time of pick-up and the branch.
  • The second step would be to pick a car from the options that will be available during the rental period provided in step 1. To ensure you get the car you really want, it is advisable to book in advance. Quotes are also given on each car at this step as well as the option of hiring out added items from Tempest Car Hire Randburg such as child safety seats and navigation units.
  • The third step requires customers to enter in a few personal and contact details which are name, surname, email address, contact number and an identification number (either Passport or South African Identity Document number) and to finalize the payment details. Both debit and credit cards are accepted as payment at Tempest Car Hire Randburg.Tempest Car Hire Randburg

Once this is done and the customer agrees to the Tempest terms and conditions the booking will be confirmed.

  • At the pick-up, the identification document bearing the information given during the booking will need to be physically presented in its original form for validation. Also needed will be the Driver’s License. Before driving off from the Tempest Randburg branch, customers should inspect the car for any damage and make sure it is in good working condition.
  • At the drop-off, the vehicle must be returned within the agreed upon time. This is so that Tempest staff can have sufficient time to prepare the car for the next customer.


Vehicles for Rental at Tempest Car Hire Randburg

Economical vehicles- the Tempest range of hatchbacks is the ideal hire if you need a car to meet budget requirements. The Tempest Car Hire Randburg rates are priced very affordably on a range of hatchback models. Hatchbacks are also the vehicles that need the least amount of refuelling as a tank of petrol goes a long way in these light vehicles. Tempest Car Hire Randburg

A comfortable vehicle- the Tempest Car Hire Randburg range of sedans will be the car to book as they give a better driving experience and come with more features. For longer driving distances where comfort is a top factor, sedans are the perfect hire. It should also be the car of choice when a little extra space is needed.

Vehicle with storage space- Tempest vans come with a canopy at the back making them the best choice when extra space is needed in a vehicle to transport a lot of baggage.

People carrier vehicles- the Tempest Car Hire Randburg minibus range has various models to cater for different numbers of passengers. These are the vehicles to hire when customers would be travelling in Johannesburg with a group of people. Not only will the group travel in 1 vehicle, but it would be cheaper than hiring out a number of smaller cars. Also there would only be a need for 1 driver.


Products and Services at Tempest Car Hire Randburg

Available for rentals along with the hire of Tempest vehicles are child safety seats and navigation systems. Child seats must be booked in advance to ensure that the Tempest Car Hire Randburg Tempest Car Hire Randburgbranch has the specific size available for the customer. Child safety seats come in sizes to accommodate babies and toddlers. When driving on South African roads with a child in the vehicle it is essential that they be seated in these seats.  Not only will they be safer but it will also be breaking the law to not do so. Child safety seats at Tempest Car Hire Randburg are priced for the rental period. The navigation system rented by Tempest Car Hire Randburg is the TOM TOM unit. Chosen for its extremely easy functionality, it is also a worldwide award winning device. Navigation systems are priced to be rented out per day of the rental period. It may be an added expense but navigation systems can save lots of time and money when you are in a different city and do not know exactly where places are at. They work by guiding drivers with either voice prompts or on screen instructions on a direct route to their destination.
Services provided by Tempest Car Hire are long term rentals and airport transfers. When renting out a car for more than 30 days, customers will be directed to go with the Maxi Rent service. A Tempest Car Hire Randburgrental package from this service at Tempest Car Hire Randburg is individually crafted according to the rental period and vehicle type by each customer. The major benefit of hiring out a vehicle with the Maxi Rent service is that daily rates are reduced. The other service is the Tempest airport transfer. If you would need a ride from Johannesburg Airport to a hotel or from your hotel to Johannesburg Airport then the transfer service is a full proof way to make sure you have reliable transport. Customers would have to choose the type of vehicle they would like to be transported in when they land or are taking off from Johannesburg Airport and give in their location details, and a quote will be given from this information. The service is charged per transfer and not per individual passenger.


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